Cothill Educational Trust

A registered charity no: 309639 consisting of 8 schools located in the UK and Southern France
Established in 1969

Fees 2017/2018:

Click here for 2016/2017 Fees
Registration Fee (Non returnable) £50
Confirmation of entry Deposit (to be refunded against extras on the final account) £500
School fees, per term:    
Full boarding fee £9,220
Pupils’ Personal Accident Insurance scheme See here for further details inclusive
During their term at Sauveterre, in case of a medical or travel claim, the children are covered under the Cothill Educational Trust's insurance scheme
Additional charges:    
Return air fares - Further details from school office at Cothill House
Travel/Medical charge to cover incidental travel and medical expenses for the term - Further details from school office at Cothill House
Musical instrument lessons - Further details from school office at Cothill House


  • All fees are payable in advance on or before the first day of the term for which they are due.
  • All cheques should be made payable to COTHILL EDUCATIONAL TRUST.
  • FRAUD PREVENTION: The Trust bank details have not changed. Any notification that appears to be from the school changing these details may be fraudulent. Our bank details are printed on our invoices and only these should be used. Please contact the Bursary if you receive any suspicious communication about our bank details. It is the responsibility of the remitter to ensure the account details being used are correct.