Cothill Educational Trust

A registered charity no: 309639 consisting of 8 schools located in the UK and Southern France
Established in 1969

About us:

I am extremely proud to be back at my old Prep School where I had such fun when I was growing up. It is a wonderful, vibrant full-boarding school for boys, which prides itself on academic success, achieved through a stimulating and varied curriculum delivered by excellent staff. All the teachers have an immense sense of enthusiasm and commitment, and this rubs off on the children in every aspect of our life together. Cothill is certainly a school where boys can be boys, whatever their age.

There is tremendous breadth to a Cothill education, as the full boarding experience nurtures so many different qualities in the boys, including teamwork, good manners and generosity of spirit. Boys will also benefit from a whole term at the Ch√Ęteau de Sauveterre, where they will be immersed in the culture and language of the Gers in the south of France. In addition, we place importance on excellence on the sports fields and in the art and music departments.

While these pages might begin to communicate the essence of our school, the only way to appreciate it properly is to arrange a visit. Come and see us, Maria and I would be happy to welcome you to Cothill at any time.

Duncan Bailey