Cothill Educational Trust

A registered charity no: 309639 consisting of 8 schools located in the UK and Southern France
Established in 1969


The Trust is constantly seeking new ways in which to deliver its charitable objects to a young public without regard to wealth, race, religion, social or academic status. The Cothill Educational Trust supports a variety of organisation with which it feels a close affiliation. Those schools to which support is given educate children of a similar age to the Trust’s own schools, there is a mutual interest in the teaching and educating of the young. The Trust has very strong links with Churches which in turn provide places of worship for our youngsters. These historic and important buildings, which often act as a focal point for the wider community would otherwise be closed or sold off by the Diocesan Authorities. The national and local charities provide services to children or make valuable contributions to the wider society.

Dry Sandford Primary School, Lashford Lane, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX13 6EE
The Trust has a long association with Dry Sandford Primary School. The pupils are regularly welcomed onto the Cothill site to share the school facilities: Art, Pottery, Carpentry and Golf, for example. A full time teacher works in class at Dry Sandford, wholly funded by the Trust. She teaches Mathematics and children with special educational needs. The pupils also benefit from the Trust's Science teaching projects at the Old Malthouse.
Future Academy, Pimlico, London, SW1V 3AT
CET has an association with Future Academies, a charitable educational trust representing four inner London schools. In particular, the children from Pimlico Academy regularly enjoy the experience of boarding through visits to The Old Malthouse. These trips allow the children to develop a sense of independence and community as well as introducing them to the countryside.
St George’s First School, Langton Matravers
The Trust firmly believes in partnership with local primary schools in all the areas where we run our schools. This ranges from sharing facilities and specialist services to opening up land for play space. The lack of on-site play facilities at St George’s, which caters for 93 local children, had caused some reservations with county education chiefs about the school’s ability to transform into a new-format primary. The future of St George’s is now secured as CET has allowed the school to use a swathe of land for a multi-use games area which is situated on the Malthouse site.
St Helen's Church, Dry Sandford, Oxon
Cothill Boys have worshipped here for well over a hundred years and the school continues to support St Helen's in every way possible. The Headmaster is a member of the PCC. The Trust helps with the day to day up keep of the building, funding repairs to the fabric of the church. Our latest and most exciting development is the installation of a new Church Organ, which is for the benefit of all who worship at St Helen’s as well as the pupils from Cothill. The school chaplain is the authorised vicar conducting services at the church.
St James Church, Newton, Northumberland
For many years pupils from Mowden Hall have attended regular Sunday services at St James. The Trust keeps the Church operational for the parishioners and the visiting public as well as for the pupils at Mowden Hall.
SeeSaw uses our Trust sites on weekends to provide Grief Support for the Young in Oxfordshire: SeeSaw is a registered charity dedicated to providing grief and bereavement support for children, in cases where a parent or sibling has died or is dying. "Our name reflects just what our work with children is about. Grief is full of ups and downs and the difficulty is finding the balance."
L'Ecole Primaire, 32220 Lombez, France
The teachers and pupils from Sauveterre visit the local Primary School on a regular basis to foster the exchange of language and culture. The pupils from Lombez visit Sauveterre for sports, drama and activity afternoons in the lovely grounds of the Chateau.
The Royal National Lifeboat Institution is the charity that saves life at sea. Lifeboat crews are volunteers. The Old Malthouse’s proximity to the coast makes the RNLI an obvious charity for the Trust to support. As well as offering facilities for fundraising events, one of the employees at The Old Malthouse is a volunteer crew member in Swanage.
The Royal British Legion
Those boarding schools within the Trust often have significant numbers of children from Forces families. The Royal British Legion support offered by the Trust fosters the link with the Armed Forces.
Muscular Dystrophy
Schools within the Trust enter the Oxford Town and Gown Race each year. The proceeds from the event go towards supporting the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.
Macmillan Cancer Support
Cancer is so often a cause for heartache and concern within the Trust’s parental body. The Trust backs the important research, advice and support given by Macmillan Cancer.