Cothill Educational Trust

A registered charity no: 309639 consisting of 8 schools located in the UK and Southern France
Established in 1969


Cothill Educational Trust (CET) may be viewed as a commonwealth of schools. In being a commonwealth each member school retains individuality but shares a common purpose: to offer outstanding, varied and inspirational education to children of preparatory school age.

The Trust was initially set up when Cothill House, the traditional boys’ full boarding school changed from being proprietorial in the 1970s. As time has passed, other schools have joined the Trust. Importantly, each school is encouraged to foster its own ethos and atmosphere with a strong influence from the Head and their staff. In this way CET offers a variety of educational experiences from single–sex, full boarding through to co-educational, day schooling. Cothill, like other schools within the Trust, retains its unique individual atmosphere of a family run school, but has the benefit of belonging to a larger grouping to give it financial security and allow the sharing of educational ideas and best practice. Chandlings, Ashdown House, Kitebrook House and Mowden Hall all have their own identities in the educational marketplace and share the security offered by the CET.

A child in a CET school is exposed to a variety of opportunities which expands their education way beyond the traditional experience, which can so easily become heavily reliant upon classroom teaching. The Château de Sauveterre and La Chaumière not only allow a child the chance to be immersed in French language and culture, but they provide time for self confidence to grow, independence to be reinforced and a seed is sown for appreciation of the wider world and its cultural variations and diversity. At the Old Malthouse on the Dorset coast, children can gain a practical understanding of what has been learned in the classroom by studying Life and Earth Sciences in the bio diverse landscape of the Jurassic Coast.

Further to providing excellence in the field of preparatory, independent education, CET has a strong responsibility to extend the opportunities it offers to those for whom independent education may be inaccessible. The Trust has developed strong partnerships with the maintained sector and works hard alongside several primary schools and academies to enhance the educational offering for a wider group of children.

Eddy Newton